The Spinning Glow Worm

One of my favourite features of Chrome is something very minor, and something I doubt I’d have noticed had it not been pointed out to me.

As is quite common throughout computing, Chrome has a ‘Loading’ animation. In Chrome, I call it the Spinning Glow Worm, and it’s in the tab, next to the page title. The unique feature that I love in Chrome is that it spins both ways – anti-clockwise means data is being uploaded, or a page is being requested, and clockwise means that the page is being downloaded. I believe the speed of rotation also relates to transfer speed.

This is such a simple little thing, but it is so much easier to see and understand than what you get in Firefox, with ‘Waiting for….’ or ‘Transferring Data From…’ in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. And, you can see the Glow Worm for all tabs that you have in your current window. Handy!

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